Here’s a little about your story:

  • you’re in love, in romance, in dreams, and wanting to share the love with your family and friends

  • you’re wanting to create a most special wedding celebration

  • you love flowers and beauty

  • your day is everything to you, AND you’re keeping in all in perspective

Here’s a little about our story:

  • we love selecting the perfect seasonal blooms for you

  • we’re superstars at understanding your vision

  • we love beautiful, well-design weddings that still have their eye on environmental impact

  • we love creative freedom and being allowed to show you our best work while perfectly executing your vision

About Erica

Erica loves flowers, a good book, dark chocolate, cooking stews, and taking hikes in the beautiful bay area. She lives in San Francisco with her husband who she met at San Francisco Flower Market (she was buying flowers from him) and her young son, who likes taking trips to the flower market too.